In this era, many of the Clans are quite different then they are tonight. There is no Camarilla, Sabbat, Anarch or Independent.

There are High Clans and there are Low Clans. Think noble blooded and commoner. High Clans demand respect and usually get it, and they tend to hold many of the important positions in Cainite society. Low Clans can rise to power, but it is not an easy thing.

High Clans

Brujah: Proud and angry warrior scholars. Still bitter for the loss of their sacred Carthage, this Clan seeks a perfection of both mind and body.

Cappadocian: Cold and strange scholars of death. The only PC members of this Clan allowed are members of the Giovanni family. The Giovanni are newly brought into the Clan, and hail from an incestuous and powerful merchant family in Italy.

Lasombra: Rich, decadent manipulators. Masters of the shadows, many of this Clan hold power and influence in the Church. The more inhuman members of the Clan walk a path that teaches them to use horror and violence to scare the mortal flock to purity and worship.

Toreador: Consummate social predators. They dedicate themselves to furthering culture, society and art for the mortal masses. The creators of the concept of ‘chivalry’.

Tzimisce: Inhuman lords of forest and mountain. Rarely, if EVER encountered outside of Hungary. A PC member belongs to an exiled household, and has never set foot in Transylvania.

Ventrue: Ambitious seekers of power on and behind the throne. Kings and kingmakers, with chainmail and blade as well as word.

Low Clans

Assamite: Stewards and judges of Caine’s brood. Middle-Eastern assassins and chameleons, who cut the monstrous wheat from the Cainite chaff.

Follower of Set: Descendants of the dark God, out to overthrow the tyranny of order.

Gangrel: Wild, sometimes feral, outsiders and wanderers.

Malkavian: Fear-inspiring visionaries and oracles.

Nosferatu: Twisted lurkers and penitents.

Ravnos: Independent wanderers and corrupters, who are new to Europe, as they follow the first of their Romani kin into Europe.

Tremere: A new Clan, fresh to the scene. Appearing only 200 or so years ago, this group of blood magicians are eager to make allies in Europe, while fighting a war in Hungary against the Tzimisce.


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